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Linguo-didactic diagnostics. Russian language: universal training of the children, aged six to fourteen: Didactic manual. “ Russian school” series

E.A.Khamraeva, T. A. Shorina, L. M. Samatova and others
The diagnostic system is a tool for determining level of the Russian language
proficiency for all categories of children studying at different types of the
Russian schools abroad. At the same time, it may serve as an instrument to
assess the quality of any school performance in the language teaching and
learning. A great advantage of this system lies in its correlation with the age
and the psycho-physiological abilities of children, with the level of their
language, speech and general educational skills (in relation to the skills of
their Russian-speaking peers in the Russian Federation). It also matches the
"Language portfolio of students", which allows oneself to obtain the
characteristics acceptable in the most countries of the world. The didactic
manual is suitable for both the schools of the additional education and the
schools with a foreign Russian language as an academic subject.

ISBN 978-5-88337-906-1

2020 — 144 pp.: ill.