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Key to the Russian culture: dictionary of linguistic and cultural literacy: training dictionary


The dictionary of linguistic and cultural literacy is aimed at the development of linguistic and cultural knowledge and overcoming the cultural barrier. The idea behind the dictionary lies in the availability of linguistic and cultural knowledge, its computability and the easy way of presentation. By the method of lexicographical interpretation of its constituent units, the publication is a new type of dictionary of linguistic culture. The units described in the dictionary are grouped into ten thematic sections. They are semanticized from the position of communication, which allows a foreigner to include these units in his own verbal behavior and to understand their meaning in the speech of other people.

The dictionary is provided with the illustrative material, such as excerpts from the Russian literature and folklore, replicas of the pictures of the famous artists, photos of the architectural monuments for better acquaintance with the Russian art.

The Dictionary is designed for the foreigners who know Russian at B1-B2 levels and can be used both for the independent work and at the lessons of Russian in a classroom under the guidance of a teacher.




2020 .-- 248 pp., Ill.

ISBN 978-5-88337-765-4