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Unusual stories about unusual museums. Russian cultural memory: Textbook for foreign students

V.S. Elistratov
The textbook “Unusual stories about unusual museums. Russian cultural memory “ is designed for the foreign students learning Russian, whose language proficiency level is B2 and higher. It contains such authentic texts as "The Russian flag", "The history of Baikal", "The house of N. V. Gogol", "The primordial faith", "About mushrooms and not only", " About space" and others. Each text is accompanied by the lexical and linguistic-cultural commentary, which includes questions aimed at deeper understanding of the particular lexical units and at expanding the country study information. There are also questions to check the knowledge obtained. At the end of the manual topics for reports and essays are offered. The textbook may be useful for the foreign and the Russian students who are interested in the Russian culture and who study the issues of linguoculturology.


2020. — 240 p.: ill.

ISBN 978­-5­-88337­-815-­6