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Mosaic: textbook for foreign students of technical universities


The manual "Mosaic" consists of seventeen lessons. Each lesson contains tasks for listening, popular science texts (the texts cover such topics as: space exploration, creation of new materials, state-of-the-art technologies, including the nanotechnology), exercises for the repetition of vocabulary and grammar of the scientific style, and the development of oral speech skills. Besides, texts for introductory reading, expanding the students' horizons, as well as tasks aimed at the development of general language proficiency and review of the main grammar topics are presented in the textbook. Texts for listening and keys to the assignments are provided in the supplement.

The materials of the manual meet the requirements of the " State standard on Russian as a foreign language. The second level of Russian language proficiency in the educational and professional sphere".

The manual is designed for the foreign students of technical universities: bachelors, undergraduates, graduate students and trainees who have the first certification level of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language (B1). The materials of the manual can also be used in teaching Russian to the high school students of the national schools.

2019. — 216 p.: ill.


ISBN 978-5-88337-841