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Russian verb Textbook

I.I.Baranova, N.T.Melekh, N.N.Rusakova edited by N.T.Melekh

The goal of the textbook is to form language skills while studying lexical and grammatical features of the Russian verb. The manual is based on the principles of consistency, concentricity and gradual development of skills and habits. It can supplement the basic textbooks and teaching aids in Russian as a foreign language. A large number of exercises provided in each section allows to individualize the work of the students, to master and correct the lexical-grammar skills and habits. The textbook is designed for the foreign students who study the Russian language to achieve the first certification level of proficiency (B1). It is intended for the classroom studies with a teacher, as well as for the independent work.



2019. — 328 p.

ISBN 978-5-88337-772-2