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100 points head start: Tests in Russian as a foreign language. Everyday communication. Threshold level. Post-threshold level

E.L.Korchagina, N.A. Kozlovtseva

Collections of tests "100 points head start" is a series of control materials on Russian as a foreign language in the field of everyday communication. The second book of the series contains test blocks for the threshold and post-threshold levels (B1, B2).
A certain plot is developed in the tasks of the test blocks. On the basis of each plot the hypothetical behavior of a foreigner in the conditions of the language environment of the native Russian language speakers is modeled. Test assignments are based on the authentic texts containing the actual country studies information about the events and the facts from the life of the Russians. The texts and tasks of the manual will be useful in the process of training for different types of control (current, final, input testing). 
The manual can be used not only for work in the classroom under the guidance of a teacher, but also for the independent work of students, as all tasks are provided with instructions and keys for self-testing. The materials for listening are available for the on-line listening and downloading through a QR code.





ISBN 978-5-88337-755-5