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Hello! Hello! Textbook on the phone talks for foreign students


The textbook on telephone conversations is designed for the foreign students who are learning Russian and continue to master their knowledge. The students should know Russian at least at B1 level if they want to use this textbook.

The manual consists of three chapters. Each chapter contains the etiquette expressions and speech stereotypes of a modern telephone conversation, the dialogues illustrating a telephone conversation in the typical communication situations. All chapters are also provided with the assignments aimed at developing the perception and understanding of the authentic telephone talks and the ability to speak on the phone yourself using the necessary phrases and vocabulary.

At the end of the manual there is an appendix, called “Concise dictionary of youth slang”. It includes words and phrases typical of the young people's contemporary informal language frequently used while talking on the phone.

The textbook also contains an audio supplement available for the online listening and downloading via a QR code.



2019. — 160 p.: ill.

ISBN 978-5-88337-777-7