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The cultural exchange

Anna Verbovskaya

Stories for childrent

“Cool reading” series


The book presents the stories for children by the modern writer Anna Verbovskaya. Kostik, the nine-year old boy, is the main character of the stories. He is just an ordinary boy. However, amazing events happen in his life. Once a complete stranger from a faraway town turns up at the boy's house because of the wrong address he had. But he starts acting as if he were Kostik's uncle. A Chinese tourist who has arrived in Russia gives him a souvenir that in its turn gives rise to a dream about a mysterious country in the heart of the boy.

The text of the stories is adapted (A2) and is supplied with the commentaries and exercises to check the understanding of the content and to develop the oral speech habits.

The most interesting facts from the biography of Anna Verbovskaya are also provided.




2019. — 88 p.

ISBN 978-5-88337-838-5