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Present from the space By Dmitry Yemets “Cool reading” series

Compiled by N.A. Yeryomina and I.A.Starovoitova

The mythical novel by the contemporary writer Dmitry Yemets is presented in the book. This fabulous story happed to a little alien. At first he messed up the star maps. Then his flying saucer was broken and he unexpectedly landed on the unknown planet called the Earth.

The readers will learn about the dangerous adventures of the alien whose name is Fluke and his new friends, the sixth form pupils.

Children and adults will definitely enjoy the book.

The text of the stories is adapted (B1) and is supplied with the commentaries and exercises to check the understanding of the content and to develop the oral speech habits.

The most interesting facts from the biography of Dmitry Yemets are also provided.




2019. - 80 p.

ISBN 978-5-88337-730-2