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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

The world Book 1 “The Russian school” series

L.M.Samatova, N.N.Gorina, O.V.Lavrova

This is the first book in the series of textbooks compiled for the bilingual children who learn the Russian language at the specialized schools abroad. The goal of the book is to develop the oral speech habits based on learning the new facts about the world as well as to develop the child's learning abilities and his general progress.

Repeating the already known facts about the world and learning the new ones, the children learn to watch and compare not only natural, but language phenomena as well.

Book 1 introduces the six-seven year old pupils to the variety of nature phenomena, seasons, norms of the safe behavior in the environmental and social media. It also gives basic facts about the society and culture development.

The exercises provided in the textbook correspond to the requirements for the bilingual children to pass the certification test.

The book can be used for studies within one academic year (one hour per week).



2019. – 160 p., ill.

ISBN 978-5-88337-757-9