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Language of the future occupation. Biomedical profile: Textbook for the foreign students of the preparatory faculties

N.A.Rannneva, L.P.Donskova Edited by S.V.Shlyk, G.Sh.Gafiyatullina

The textbook is designed for the foreign students who are planning to study medicine and biology. It can be used as a training course at the preparatory faculties of the corresponding colleges or universities.

The textbook consists of the introductory and the main parts. The texts for the independent studies are also included. The knowledge of the Russian language at A1 is required to learn the introductory part, and the A2 level is necessary to learn the main part. The goal of the textbook is to develop the language skills of a student in biomedical sphere of communication at B1 level.


ISBN 978-5-88337-721-0