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"The story of a wolf trying to sell his tail". Fairy tales about the animals
by Tamara Kryukova
A reading book with assignments
Cool Reading series

N.A. Yeryomina
I.A. Starovoitova

The fairy tales about the animals by the contemporary writer Tamara Kryukova are presented in the book. These are the amusing stories describing life of animals and birds in the wild nature.

The text of each fairy tale is adapted (A2) and is supplied with the commentaries and exercises to check the understanding of the content and to develop the oral speech habits.

The most interesting facts from the biography of Tamara Kryukova are also provided.

The book is designed for the children of  our countrymen living abroad, for the bilingual children, as well as for the pupils of the national schools.



2018. — 136 p.
ISBN 978-5-88337-670-1