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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Literary reading.
Book 2: Textbook for the bilingual pupils of the Russian schools abroad

I.V. Safonova
E.A. Khamrayeva

The  aim of the textbook is to help the bilingual pupils to develop the communication skills and to provide them with the materials for the conscientious reading and the development of the oral speech skills.

The textbook contains the original Russian texts of various genres, the excerpts from the classical literature for children. It acquaints the pupils with the Russian culture and draws parallels with the culture of the country the pupils reside at the moment. The assignments are aimed at the perception and understanding of the texts. The exercises also help to develop the oral speech habits and teach the pupils the literary analysis of the original texts.

All texts are adapted for the bilinguals, have the stress marks, are provided with the footnotes and commentaries on the history and culture of Russia when necessary.

The textbook is supplied with the audio CD.

The manual is recommended for the children of eight and on.


2018. — 112 c.: ил.
ISBN 978-5-88337-648-0