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The Russian souvenir: Basic course: A comprehensive textbook of the Russian language for the foreigners. A textbook

I. Mozelova
The textbook is designed for the foreign students who have just begun learning Russian. It can also be of great use for those who for some reason had a break in  their studies and now want to resume learning Russian. The comprehensive textbook consists of a textbook, a workbook, a teacher’s book, a CD for a student and a CD for a teacher. 
The textbook comprises eight chapters. There are four lessons in every chapter. The fourth lesson in every chapter sums up the learning material of all the lessons in this particular chapter, including the assignments on the lexical-grammar material under study.  At the end of the book one can find the final test, the audition texts, keys to the tests, the concise grammar reference book and the assignments for the communicative practice. The book is to be used for the classroom studies with the teacher. 
The textbook can be used for both the classroom and individual studies. The present course is distinguished by the use of the original video clips thus making it possible for the students to actively speak Russian at the basic (A1) level. 
2017. — 168 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-532-2