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Publishing House "Russian Language."Courses
Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Program of learning Russian
as a foreign language. A1-C2 levels.
Main course. Phonetics. Vocabulary. Grammar. Listening. Reading. Speaking. Writing

O.I. Glazunova
D.V. Kolesova
T.I. Popova
The program is recommended to be used by the educational-methodical commission of the philological faculty of the St.Petersburg University. 
The program covers all levels and aspects of teaching, including topics, methodical recommendations, advice on the organization of the learning process. It is based on the principle of combining the gradual fulfillment of the teaching goals with the achievements of high results at every stage. 
The program is designed for the teachers of Russian as a foreign language in Russia and abroad, authors of the textbooks and testing materials and foreigners planning to study at the Russian establishments of higher learning. 
2017. — 216 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-561-2