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Allegories in Russian speech communication

V.I. Shlyakhov, L.N. Saakyan, N.N. Tolstova

The textbook is devoted to allegories, indirect figures of speech. Not a single written or oral text can do without them. These are ironic utterances, euphemisms, evasive answers, hints. The authors are assured that formation of the highest communicative competence is hardly possible without teaching foreigners to recognize and understand allegories in the Russian speech.
Besides the theory of indirect communication the textbook contains samples of lessons which include methodical instructions and assignments for the teachers,
and exercises for the students.
The textbook could be of interest and practical use to a wide range of readers like students of philological faculties, teachers of Russian as a foreign language, philologists, etc.

2014. - 192 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-354-0