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Pulse of the time.
Reading and discussing news in Russian

The textbook is designated for the advanced level students (B2-C1) and is aimed at the development of the communicative competence. It consists of ten chapters, describing the main spheres of the contemporary public life and the principal rubrics of the newspapers such as “ Foreign and home policy”, “Economics and business”, “Social welfare”, “Demography and family”, “Science, contemporary technologies and Internet”, “Culture and Arts”, “Environment and ecology”, “Natural calamities and disasters”,  “Criminal chronicles”, “Sport”.
Various topics for discussion based on the authentic texts selected from the modern newspapers and magazines are presented in each chapter. They are accompanied by exercises aimed at the mastering of the language material and development of the oral speech habits of the students. The assignments and tests are provided with the keys.
The duration of the course is 160-200 academic hours.
2018. — 256 с.: ил.
ISBN 978-5-88337-656-5