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"The centuries old mystery".
Stories for children
by Dmitry Yemets
A reading book with assignments
Cool Reading series

N.A. Yeremina
I.A. Starovoitova
The stories of the contemporary writer Dmitry Yemets are presented in the book.
The main character of the book is a schoolboy of the seventh grade Filka Khitrov, a bummer and a fibber. He often finds himself in the incredible situations. Once on a bet he disguised as a snowman and nobody could find him. Next time he managed to hide himself in a sack with presents brought to school by Santa Claus for the New Year party. Santa Claus presented him with a tablet for his ingenuity. His family name Khitrov (which means cunning) is a perfect fit for him. But once he outwitted himself…
The book will be of interest for both children and adults.
The text of the story is adapted (B1) and is provided with the commentaries and exercises to check understanding of the text and to develop the oral speech skills.
The most interesting facts from the biography of Dmitry Yemets are also provided.
2018. — 128 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-649-7