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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

To Moscow? To Moscow!
A video course and a textbook

V.V. Chastnykh
N.M. Bogoslavskaya
Yu.Yu. Tyurina
The textbook “To Moscow? To Moscow!” is a video course consisting of six ten-minutes films and a textbook that includes the learning material to teach Russian as a foreign language. All films are united by the common plot and the same characters. However, each film is an independent unit with its own beginning, culmination and end.
The texts of the films include the speech patterns of the main conversational topics under study, thus making it possible to use the video course as the manual to develop the oral speech skills while learning Russian as a foreign language. 
The main goal of the textbook is to teach the foreign students to understand the spoken Russian and to perceive it by ear at the maximum level and to prepare the students to watch the original Russian feature films. 
The manual is designed for the students with the knowledge of Russian at A2-B1 levels.
2017 — 176 с.
ISBN 978­-5­-88337­-474­-5