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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Russian for business communication: Textbook for those who study Russian as a foreign language

S.V. Romanova, N.A. Markina

Materials on the following topics are presented in the textbook: choice and studies of partners while coming to the Russian market, preparation and signing of international trade deals, performance of commercial operations, negotiations with partners, business correspondence.
The textbook is divided into fourteen blocks of topics. Each block includes texts to learn the corresponding terms and get information on such notions of the foreign trade activities as: analysis of the market, foreign trade deal, transport services rendered to the companies, customs service, taxation issues, insurance in foreign trade, etc. Each block contains assignments on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Samples of documents and typical contracts are given in the supplement.
The textbook can be used for both classroom work and independent studies, as well as for preparations to pass the exam "Russian for business communication. Foreign trade. Advanced certification level."

2013. - 264 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-316-8