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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Russian culture: dialogue with time: Textbook for foreign students

N.V. Moshchinskaya, N.M. Razinkina

The textbook is written for foreign students and may also be of use for the Russian and foreign schoolchildren. It contains texts describing the most important events and the outstanding personalities of the Russian culture. Russian culture is viewed as an indispensable part of the world culture. Texts and illustrations attached allow to see the reflection of the national Russian character in the cultural artifacts.
The materials gathered in the textbook (questions, assignments, tables and schemes) are constructed on comparison of the Russian culture elements with other national cultures. Language and speech means necessary to discuss the topics given in the texts are provided.
Materials of the textbook serve to develop all types of oral speech activities. Texts are provided with the English translation of the key words and word combinations.

2013. - 416 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-282-6