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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Conversations about Life: Training resource to develop speaking skills. Student's book. Workbook

L.P.Yarkina, I.A. Pugachyov

It is written to teach all types of speaking activities and to form social and cultural competence of the students learning Russian as a foreign language to pass I Certificate level.
Texts are taken from contemporary newspapers and magazines and adapted to suit the textbook's goal. Topics are connected with the contemporary life of the modern youth, such as: family, career, vacation, relations with people. The structure of the texts allow the students to work with them in many different ways like making summaries, dialogues and monologues, retelling them, etc. Texts are adequate to the native speakers' speech.
The system of exercises is aimed at the development of the students' analytical skills, logical and associative thinking. The textbooks review only those grammar phenomena which are necessary to reach the speech tasks given. It contains a lesson by lesson vocabulary list in English, French and Spanish.

2015. - 264 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-327-4

2014. - 200 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-328-1

2014. - 88 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-329-8