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About Russian Movies in Russian

N.N. Glebova, I.A. Orekhova

The textbook can be used as a supplement to the main course of learning the Russian language. It contains methodical materials to work with the texts of nine Russian feature films: "Moscow doesn't credit tears," "Irony of fate or Enjoy your bath," "Autumn marathon," "Thief," "Voroshilovsky shooter," "Caucasian prisoner," "Kitten," "Twelve Months," and "Elena"
Authors view a feature film as a text ( in a wide meaning of this term) which carries background knowledge, information on the country's history and traditions, enriches vocabulary of the students and stimulates their speaking activities.
Films allow the students to get acquainted with the realities of the Russian life. 

2016. – 176 с.
ISBN 978-5-88337-298-7