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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

We Are in Russia
Training resource in five books

N.A.Kozlova, M.A.Martynova

Training resource is compiled for adult foreigners who live and work in Russia. This complex consists of five books. They are: two dictionaries (Lexical- Grammar and Mini-encyclopedia) and three manuals ("Our home," Life in a big city," and "Be healthy!" or How do you do!")
Texts presented in the books are connected by the topics reviewed and are supplied with the tasks. The books are of module character. Topics of interest could be selected for separate studies.
Vocabulary used in the topics is given in the Lexical-Grammar dictionary. Every word has the English translation, examples of its use and the grammar commentary.
Mini-encyclopedia contains information on realities of the Russian life, its history and culture. Rich illustrative material could be used as a supplement to the texts of the manuals.
The training complex could be used for both the classroom and independent studies.

2014 г.
ISBN 978-5-88337-320-5