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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Russian Intonation. Textbook for foreign students

I.L. Mukhanov

The textbook is compiled for a wide range of foreign students who learn Russian at the institutes or the courses.
The goal of the textbook is to correct and further develop the intonation-speech skills. It also describes the Russian intonation as one of the most important language means to differentiate meaning of the words and to express emotional, stylistic and expressive relations. Much attention is paid in the textbook to connections between intonation, mimicry and gestures.
The textbook consists of two parts. The cases of neutral use of the intonation patters are reviewed in the first part. The second part contains more complicated cases of intonation patterns pertaining to certain lexical-grammar material which is stylistically colored.

2015. - 216 c.
ISBN 978-5-88337-299-4