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Etiquette expressions in the Russian language


The goal of the textbook is to teach foreign students to communicate in various situations, to enrich their vocabulary with the stylistically colored expressions of etiquette, to master their speaking and listening skills and habits of the spontaneous Russian speech. Special emphasis is laid on teaching the ability to differentiate between the general cliches and phraseological units used in the official and informal situations or speech units used by different social and professional groups of native speakers ( youth, elderly people, representatives of scientific or higher education media, etc).
The material is organized by topics ( greetings, getting acquainted, congratulations, etc). Each topic is provided with various creative assignments aimed at the development of the spontaneous dialogical speech and the monologues.
The manual is designed for advanced learners and teachers of Russian as a foreign language.


2016. - 248 p.
ISBN 978-5-88337-374-8