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Russian school.
Communication practice.
Textbook of oral speech development for children of fellow countrymen living abroad ( for 7-9 year old children )


The textbook is designed for the children of seven to nine years old who learn Russian in the condition of the limited language medium.
It consists of fifteen training cycles grouped around certain communication lines. Each cycle is studied for two weeks.
The book consecutively develops skills of communication, speech, logics, thinking, contains vocabulary and grammar units necessary for successful communication in Russian and interesting texts on customs, traditions and culture.
Each cycle contains texts and assignments of various difficulty level depending on the tasks set by the teacher and level of children’s knowledge of Russian.
The manual helps to develop informative, intellectual, creative abilities of a child turning him into a multicultural and harmonious person.


2016. - 152 p.
ISBN 978-5-88337-397-7