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Remember the Russian words by playing


Edited 2009. — ISBN ISBN 978- 88337-209-3
Edited 2009. — ISBN ISBN 978- 88337-195-9
Edited 2009. — ISBN ISBN 978- 88337-210-9

Research work of teachers and psychologists has proved that games increase the learning efficiency by fifteen or even twenty times. All kinds of speech activity are involved in the game, aural and visual memory. Tatyana Klementyeva, the author of popular textbooks and manuals has widely used the game technigue in her long-term practice. Her present manual is written for the beginners who want to master the Russian vocabulary. The manual has thirteen pairs of thematic cards: family, pets, clothes, food, etc. It will be useful to children and adults. The game helps to memorize easily and quickly about 208 Russian words. The following issues of the present manual are available: for the native speakers of English, Chinese, German, Italian and French.