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Golden names of Russia: Alexander Pushkin

Z. Potapurchenko,
E. Belova

"Alexander Pushkin" is a unique teaching book in the series «The Golden Names of Russia». It acquaints foreign students with life and poetry of the great Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. 
The book consists of two parts: an educational film and a short reader about the life of Pushkin. Vocabulary used in the film is within reach of students of any language level: beginners, intermediate or advanced. The book is provided with various training tests  including vocabulary, conversational and comprehension tasks.
A 20-minute DVD gives a good idea of Pushkin’s unusual biography and cultural life of Russia in the 19th century. The short reader provides many exercises  to master the learnt material. The book contains different grammar tasks for the development of  reading and speaking skills.
The second part includes more detailed and difficult texts about Pushkin.

There are other books about the outstanding people in the series, like “The first cosmonaut” (Yuri Gagarin), “Lomonosov”, “The great musician” (Pyotr Thaikovsky), “Vassily Surikov”, “Galina Ulanova” and “Anton Chekhov”.

2nd edition - 2012. - 21 p.
ISBN 978-5-88337-216-1