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Golden names of Russia: The first cosmonaut

Z. Potapurchenko,
S. Kamenskaya,
A. Trepalina

It is a complex teaching, -and reading book from the set “Golden names of Russia” about the first cosmonaut Jury Gagarin. The texts of the book are based on the socio-cultural vocabulary. A short film about the life of Gagarin is added to the book. The book contains different grammar tasks for the development of reading and speaking skills. "The first cosmonaut” – is a unique complex teaching book. It acquaints the foreign students not only with the life of Gagarin, but also with the scientific life of Russia in the 20th century. 
The book is composed of two parts: an educational film and a short reader about Gagarin’s life. The lexical composition of the film allows students of any language level   ( beginners, intermediate or advanced) to watch and understand the film Some training tests accompany the book: lexical, conversational, comprehension tasks and syntactical tasks (e.g. read the following text and retell it, read the text and answer the questions, etc.)
The 14-minute DVD will give a good idea of the unusual biography of Gagarin. The short reader presents many tasks which will help to repeat the learned material. The educational film is made after a unique method developed by the same author and made by him. 
The second part includes more detailed and more difficult texts about Gagarin including the new vocabulary. The collection of books “Golden names of Russia” includes stories about other outstanding people of Russia such as “Mikhail Lomonosov”, “Alexander Pushkin”, “Vassili Surikov”, “Galina Ulanova” and “Anton Chekhov”.

2013. - 32 p.
ISBN 978-5-88337-206-9