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Textbooks on teaching Russian as a foreign language

Business Russian for Beginners (with English comments). Parts I, II and III


Part I-II. ISBN 978-5-88337-246-8
Part III ISBN 978-5-88337-154-6

The main aim of the book is to facilitate intercultural communication. It includes three parts, a multimedia CD and is designed for English speaking foreigners who begin to study Russian to acquire business communication skills in various spheres: economics, production, trade, politics, culture, science and education. It can be used both for classroom activities and independent studies, for individual and group work. The material covers 100-120 hours of the classroom work. The course provides opportunities for students to learn the language through developing practical skills and intensive training. There are 14 units in the book. They include the introductory phonetic course and 10 situational units most widely used in business communication. The bilingual Russian-English glossary includes about 1170 items. The whole course consists of three books (three parts).
The course is supplied with a CD