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Russian in exercises: a work book with comments

S. Khavronina

ISBN 978-5-88337-155-3

This book is designed for beginners. It contains exercises aimed at the development of the basic Russian grammar and vocabulary. The book falls into two parts:  an introductory vocabulary and grammar course and the main course.

The exercises given in the first part are based on a limited vocabulary of about 350 words. It will enable the students to master the main types of the Russian simple sentence and also a number of points of Russian grammar, such as personal verb forms and tenses and the plural of nouns. The exercises will teach the students, how to ask various types of questions containing the question words “who?”, “when?”, “where?”, “whose?”
The main course falls into three large sections: the use of the cases, the verb, and complex sentences. The authors introduce the cases and their meanings in the order generally followed in practical teaching of Russian to non-Russians. The students are introduced to grammatical features most essential for everyday communication.